Vision star academy was established on thé year 2015 was a projection under women self help group.Their main objective in this project was to cater for children’s physical,psychological  emotional and social needs.They targeted the street children, orphans and the disabled ones.This was to ensure that all their needs were met without discrimination so that they feel valued and part of the society.

Their growth and development in different milestones in life was also focused with some of the health organization who provided them with nutrious food and monitor their health status.

Some of the care givers who later on joined in the project and are still supportive up to date are parents, church organization s,individual self employed workers from different companies



The teaching staff has well trained graduates from renowned public and private colleges. All staff work under the overall supervision of …

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Our vision

is to enable deserving students realise their dreams,transfom their lives,their families and society

Our mission is to finance the …

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